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    Few queries on in-built High Availability Feature


      Hi All,


      We are planning to set up HA for one of our customer. We have 1 Poller( with NPM, SAM and VMAN) and DB server.

      As per few links and docs that i have gone through i understand that i will need another server which will act as Standby server and enable connections and port towards main poller and DB.


      Apart from this:

      1.  Does HA pool license have separate cost associated with it?

      2. VMAN would not be covered for HA, right?

      3. Bit confused on the Virtual IP part. How is the communication from devices(Network devices, servers etc) to be set up? Do i need to allow towards and from all the 3 IPs- Main poller, backup server and Virtual IP? After going through the doc i am not getting the clarity as it mentions about inbound from Virtual IP and other from the Poller IP address.

      4. Once the failover occurs, the backup server will automatically talk to DB server or requires manual intervention?