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    IPAM Import


      Hi, I know I can import IP addresses from a spreadsheet, but I would like to import data into a custom field for IP addresses that already exist in IPAM. Is this possible? To be more specific, our old IP tracking spreadsheet had a "roles" column and I've created a custom field in IPAM that I'd like to place that information, but only for existing IP addresses in IPAM (as some of the data is obsolete).

      Thanks much, Brendan

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          Could someone just confirm whether or not this is possible? Thanks

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            See also Ipam wont update when importing from excel.


            I have the same question. We do not want to have to use the GUI to add or update custom fields hundreds of objects. For existing Custom fields, you can select the items to change in the GUI, and change all selected items to the same value. But Custom fields may have many values, and this might not be practical.


            Note that there are 2 types of updates via Import - IP Addresses, and Group/Supernets/Subnets:


            Which type are you trying to use?


            The sample spreadsheets that the IPAM web page offers may not include all possible fields that can be updated. I've been looking at the tables in Database Manager and SQL to try to determine what fields can be imported. It would have been nice to have such basic info spelled out in one of the two manuals - the IPAM Getting Started Guide and the IPAM Administrators Guide. The Getting Started Guide has much more info on Importing than the Administrators Guide, but they both need an appendix or something to clarify column names on the web page vs column names in the spreadsheet, and possibly table names in the database.


            IPAM 4.6 appears to treat subnets first discovered via DHCP differently from subnets discovered originally by Subnet Import.


            I have been unable to update subnets discoverd by DHCP. I can confirm, however, that subnets discovered by Subnet Import do get individual host IP updates via DHCP. The Description and Display Names of subnets originally discovered by Import are not changed by DHCP updates.


            I am continuing to reverse engineer IPAM 4.6, and have a support ticket open on various problems and bugs discovered during experiments.