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    ServiceNOW integration additional properties


      Is anyone aware of how to get additional properties available in the service now incident trigger action?  We have all the roles assigned to the SNOW user that are in the documentation.

      We really need cmdb_ci Class property in order to bind our servers correctly.  Because right now a windows server that were passing in the existing configuration_item field is getting bound to a server cluster node of the same name.

      It would be nice to pass "Windows Server" along with it so servicneNOW binds to the server CI rather than anything else.

      This would obviously apply to other device classes as well...


      The document listed here makes it seem like this would work, possibly without adding the class field seperately: Create a ServiceNow incident

      Meaning I should be able to do something akin to the location field, like configuration_item: "name=server1^class=Windows Server"


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          Similar to another question I asked, but here is the answer in case anyone needs it:


          So what I ended up doing was taking a deep dive into the SWIAPI script that is used by the Solarwinds App.  I saw that it was using something called a "filter query" as one of its means to do lookups.  I looked up how those work and you basically construct something called an "encoded query string" using the breadcrumbs on any table in servicenow that you need.  In my case this worked beautifully as I was able to pass name=serverABC^sys_class_name=cmcbi_ci_win_server and that worked like a charm, no need to pass it as a seperate field from solarwinds.