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    Quick Tip: Better unmanagment options


      Since the change a couple of versions back that brought in the maintenance mode options I've had a daily job of going through nodes unmanaged in the past 24 hours chasing people to remanage and also people have been using the option to silence alerts simply to stop being bothered by Sysadmin notifying them of system issues and just leaving them in this state which is not good. So, I have made a couple of quick tweaks so that:


      • The 'unmanage' option now opens the scheduler again like it used to.
      • I've hidden the muting options on both the node pages and the node list but still keeping it on the schedule page just in case required.
      • Making the unmanage the default in the scheduler rather than mute.


      To do the same you will need to edit a few files.


      In D:\InetPub\SolarWinds2\Orion\styles\mainlayout.css add the following lines anywhere:


      #unmanageNowLink, #suppressAlertsNowLink {

      none !important;


      In  D:\InetPub\SolarWinds2\App_GlobalResources\corewebcontent.resx change the current entry to the following:


      <data name="WEBDATA_LH0_17" xml:space="preserve">



      In  D:\InetPub\SolarWinds2\Orion\Controls\MaintenanceSchedulerDialog.ascx switch the following two entries to be as below (don't forget to keep the <br> /> where it is!)


      <div class="dialog-controls">

      <div class="dialog-mode-selection">

      <input type="radio" name="mode" value="unmanage" id="mode-unmanage" checked />

      <label for="mode-unmanage"><%= Resources.CoreWebContent.WEBDATA_LH0_20 %></label> <br />

      <input type="radio" name="mode" value="alertSuppression" id="mode-alertSuppression" />

      <label for="mode-alertSuppression"><%= Resources.CoreWebContent.WEBDATA_LH0_19 %></label>