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    The Orion platform as multi vendor Orchestration tool?




      We run into the debate about what is SDN and what is the difference between SDN other buzz words

      I really like what Ivan is saying about automation


      Ivan Pepelnjak-Software Defined Networks - Four Years Later - YouTube

      [TROOPERS15] Ivan Pepelnjak - Automating Network Security - YouTube




      And now to the point..

      Because Solarwinds monitoring software is so well deployed ...and we know that solarwinds make money from bad vendors EMS software :-)


      Did any client aproch and ask for multi vendor Orchestration ?


      Orchestration (computing) - Wikipedia


      NPM has the topology and NCM has the configuration management and compliance &SAM in the server SAN end?


      I will like to see sometching like a "play book"that has refrance to NPM &NCM. and can chain the service creation to the underlying networks..


      what i I really asking for is "chaining templates" for "services"or task...?

      could be a game changer?

      because that keep Solarwinds as a central player in the client network even if he moves stuff to the cloud...