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    VLANs w/ Subnets Per Site


      Hello Community,


      We seem to not be getting anywhere with Solarwinds Support on this question so I am hoping someone in the community may have a solution to what seems to be a basic request.


      We would like to be able to have an automated report of VLANs (including their Network and Subnet) per site so that we can easily compare the sites and start the process of standardizing the VLANs across the company.  Solarwinds Support was able to get us a report that list the VLANs but they repeat per interface and per device.  For example, We have a Nexus switch listed on the report that list the same VLAN 6 times because the query found the VLAN existing on 6 interfaces on the same device.  Support tells us we need to develop a SQL query in order to filter this information better but we are not experienced with SQL.


      So in short what we are looking for is 1 automated report that list the VLANs per Site (I think Site = City in NCM) including their Network ID, Subnet, and the Device that is configured as the SVI or Gateway for the VLAN.  Has anyone done this before?


      Thanks in advance!