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    What's the difference between UDT and Infoblox's end user device tracking capabilities?


      I have Infoblox for DHCP/IPAM/DNS services, and I see there's a new module available that can discover and auto populate information showing the switch/blade/port for every device by MAC address and IP address.  That's exactly what my organization needs for expanding our CMDB.


      But I see Solarwinds UDT seems to also be able to provide switch/blade/port for every MAC/IP address.


      If you've used either solution, I'd LOVE to get your input about pro's & con's you've experienced.  If you can include sanitized screen shots showing your views, what you like with the product, what you don't like, that would be SO helpful.


      I'm at the point of deciding between the new Infoblox module and adding on UDT, and the ability to export the switch/blade/port/MAC/IP address information into a CMDB will make the difference for which way to go.


      Lay it on me, UDT and Infoblox users!  What do you love or hate or wish-for about either option?