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    NPM 12.01 database maintenance - not completing


      We have had ongoing issues with database maintenance(cases have been opened) with NPM version 12.01.


      1)We are running SQL 2014 on a Windows 2012 R2 server - 64 bit o/s.

      128GB RAM

      32 processors


      2)The recommended steps by support are to lower database retention rates on:


      • Lower retention settings on “Detailed statistics retention” and “Detailed UNDP statistics retention”



      3)Our customer needs to keep the retention settings.  We typically end up truncating the table - "Custompollerstatistics_detail"; then repeat database maintenance.  This table hits large row size:



      tablerowsdata sizeindex sizeunused
      CustomPollerStatistics_Detail695588513 105442344 KB91436616 KB43344 KB


      4)Another recommendation is moving to a physical server.  We have run I/O reports on other SQL servers and we have several other SQL servers of the same size(non Solarwinds); that are running on VM's.


      Just wondering if anyone else is facing this issue and what they are doing to resolve it.


      Thanks, WLH