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    Auto user lock while using Dameware Mini Remote Control


      Hey there,


      i have a problem with only one Win10 client:

      When I connect with the Dameware Mini Remote Connect to the client, I can authenticate and connect to the client.

      So far so good.

      But when I want to log on as an administrator or as a normal user, I can log on, see the desktop of the user and some second later the windows system brings me back to the log on screen. The user is not logged off but locked.

      Does anybody know how to "disable" the locking of users while using Dameware Remote Connect?

      Btw.: In the domain are about 25 clients, all have the same OS (Win10 EE) with the same software release and the same Dameware Client. All clients have got a new SCCM-Installation (OS and apps) 3 month ago.


      Thanks for support..