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    UDT Port Selection Criteria


      UDT Port selection seems to allow you to monitor physical, virtual interfaces, unknown and trunk, access and unknown. I want to understand better want should be selected for monitoring.


      Is there any value in monitoring or inventorying vlans and port-channels? Does anyone monitor devices other than switches and routers?




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          I only monitor our switches with UDT. Since UDT is used to detect rogue devices that physically connect to your network, I don't monitor routers or firewalls with it. Most building have ethernet wall outlets which anyone walking by could plug in and start snooping around. On the other hand,if you have a rogue device physically connecting to a router or firewall then you have bigger issues to worry about haha.


          We don't use vlans or port-channels yet in our infrastructure as we don't have the need currently, but I don't see a need to monitor them. Again, UDT is monitoring physical ports so VLANs and port-channels wouldn't be ideal in my opinion. 

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