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    Rules are not fired in LEM and nothing is shown in ndepth part.


      Hi ,

      I Deployed Solarwinds LEM , assigned an IP address to it and set date and time and deploy some agents.

      in "Monitor" I see all real time logs but nothing is shown in "Ndepth" Part and no rules with the same correlation as ndepth conditions are fired.



      For example

      I see user logon events in "Monitor" section but in "Ndepth" section shows "No Results".

      the condition set for Ndepth is:

      UserLogon.DetectionIP=< one of my servers on which I deployed the LEM agent >

      Time Range=Last 10 min, Last 30 min, Last hour, Last 2 hour, Last day...



      I also checked out the followings:

      The insertion time and detection time are the same,

      The time and date and time zone is accurate on LEM manager and is the same as agents,

      I saved and Enabled and Activated the rules,

      set different Correlation Time for Rules,

      restarted the manager...

      But nothing happend, no success.


      I appreciate any help in advance.