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    How to Perform and Full Back Up and Full Restore?


      I see how tickets can be bulk exported, and database scheduled to be backed up nightly, but is there a comprehensive way/instruction to perform a full backup and restore back exactly the same setup?

      For example, if the hard drive crash and required a complete rebuild of the system from scratch, how to restore the environment back to the same exact setup, i.e. clients, parts, technicians, tickets, system configurations, etc., using the last backup set?


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          fluffy midnight

          This would be your backup procedure which you should have in place as a disaster recovery plan.


          There's no set way to do this, although I much prefer the VM route to doing this as it allows you to create restore points so you can select which restore you want and apply it onto the VM.

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              So, the database structure is not like SQL, where the backup would include everything, and just a matter of restoring the .bak file or .mdf and .ldf files?

              I see that there is an option to install using SQL, would this then work better for Disaster Recovery? What are disadvantages, if any, when using SQL instead of PostgreSQL (that is specific to WHD)?


              Your recommendation of doing a P2V, then move it to an ESXi environment may be the next best bet. I am just afraid of putting too much data into this WHD and not having the clear DR strategy (rebuilding the server is easy, but to ensure that all historical tickets and system configurations are in place post restoration).


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