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    Another request for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to be supported by NPM


      Today I received another request to provide remote off-site access to NPM via use of MFA.


      I don't see a great solution for it, outside of requiring users to leverage our Citrix Secure Gateway solution and then access NPM's home page, or using RDP through CSG to get to a user's computer at work (from home), and then logging into NPM.


      That's not what they want.  I'm telling them it's what they can have.  I think that if a switch or router or server or service is down, the next thing they'll want is to access that item remotely, which isn't happening via MFA through NPM anyway.  I think they may as well be remoting into CSG or their work PC so they can do the extra steps.


      I can't convince them.


      What options do you present users when they make something approaching a logical justification for wanting to access NPM from the Internet via MFA?


      Or is there something supporting MFA already present in NPM?