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    MSI Install error




      Like in 3rd Party App using MSI Install I try to deploy an MSI file. It should install an Outlook-AddIn. I created a package, published it to wsus and run an update Management Task.

      At the first try I added /L* "%temp%\install-oai.log" as install parameters to the package. The install part of the Management Task failed with:



      Details: Install failed. Ungültiges Befehlszeilenargument. Ausführliche Befehlszeilenhilfe finden Sie im SDK des Windows-Installationsprogramms HRESULT: 0x80070667


      In English this means "Wrong Commandline Parameter". Because this I removed the Parameters (line is now empty) and re-published the package. the first time without deletion the second timte WITH deletion of the old package because i'm not sure if changing the install Parameters is a binary change.

      But in both cases I get the same error if I try a new approach to deploy.


      If I use the MSI locally for install it is successful.



      Is there anything I can try?



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          The Error is already there. If I remove the logging switch the install runs fine. How can I alternatively turn on the logging of the msi install process?

          Or is there any error in the command line?