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    Orion monitoring grouping settings


      Hi ,

      Is there anyone who knows the link how I can set up a group of users in NPM  to limit the monitoring of  their device.(Ex. Telecom group to monitor their phone, Networks group to monitor the switches...etc)



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          This thread addresses your options:


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            Thanks for quick response. I'll check the thread. 

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                its in each users account


                is this what you are looking for? so you can limit what nodes they can access once they are discovered and grouped.

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                    Interesting and thanks for your help, I'll try this and will give you feed back but basically what I'm trying to do is to limit a users group to view only their device , Like network group can only see Network Router and switches , Telecom group to see only their device , Facility to view only the status of UPS . I think the link to the LAB#29 was a good link to start.

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                        I understand what your initial goals are.


                        Have you paused to consider that achieving those goals will likely increase isolation between teams and reduce synchronicity and synergism?   Keeping others from seeing everything builds silo walls around teams, and I'm actually trying to tear down the silo mentality where I work, but giving more visibility to everyone.


                        I find one of the great strengths of Orion modules is their ability to show how inter-related systems impact each other.  Solarwinds' great claim to fame is the single pane of glass, where the problem quickly bubble to the top, and then users can share the load of correctly diagnosing and properly performing triage to get the problems resolved immediately.


                        Do you seek to limit visibility of systems to their teams for the purpose of limiting their questions?  I could understand where one team is uncomfortable with another team questioning the first team's deployment or systems.  But those questions actually can benefit the company if they're presented in a thoughtful and considerate way.


                        Or perhaps you're not trying to limit visibility into all things, but only limit teams' abilities to manage their own equipment.  Is that it, instead of preventing teams from seeing everything?


                        When someone can instantly see that switches and routers and links aren't having problems, my Network team's off the hook.  When the Help Desk can instantly see a server has failed its F5 Health Check but queries are still being sent to it, they can route the problem calls to the load balancing team or to the System Administrators responsible for the failed server.


                        Be thoughtful when you consider imposing view limitations and restrictions.  You may end up with a less productive, less trusting environment than you presently have.


                        Never impose those restrictions without approval from all teams and management--and the Change Control group, as well.


                        Folks will wonder if you're trying to hide something by limiting their views into all systems, and I'm sure that's not your intent.

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