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    Is Solarwinds nixing DNSstuff?


      Considering the lack of usability of DNSstuff now and the other posts here, I seriously hope you guys didn't buy this service just to kill it. It is/was an invaluable aid to people all over the world.

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          Hello ttl, well, good news, I just checked 10 minutes ago, and the system is working again.

          Let's hope you see this reply still today :-)

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            Addressed this on another thread also, but updates on DNSStuff have definitely been lacking as we focused on some significant product releases and a complete SolarWinds website and brand relaunch. We are connecting with the product/web teams to put together a roadmap to address issues on DNSStuff.com, however, and would love to get your input/advice for the future of DNSStuff.



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                Back to silence. Very Sad.

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                    jst3751 Can you provide more details about what exactly isn't working? Can you provide a sample query that isn't providing the results you expect, or what exactly happens after you submit your query? I've tested  several domains and IPs from multiple locations and different computers and browsers but I am not able to reproduce any problems. If you can give me some more details I'll try to reproduce your setup as much as possible.


                    From the homepage, I go to this WHOIS Lookup and enter something like thwack.com


                    It then shows the results I would expect, including an option for the Detailed Response.



                    If I put in an invalid domain like "mavsfunkydomain.com" I get the expected [NOT DETECTED] response and expand the Detailed Response to see that there was no match for that domain.



                    Sorry if this is basic, I'm just trying to understand the steps to reproduce so we can solve the problem for you. If we can't get to a clear solution or reproduce then I'm happy to jump on a Webex with you to gather more details.