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    New RCs out


      Looks like new RCs have been released for:






      They look to have the new slim installer (Yay!) but no release notes/what's new up yet (Boo..)

      Also, it looks like if you have a separate box running the NTA storage engine, it looks like there isn't a good way to update that with the new installers.

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          Looks like a big upgrade to SAM too

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            What is this new slim installer?


            I was looking for the Orion 2017.1 Hotfix 3 and found it had been moved to "Archives" along with many others that were available for download last week.  I thought maybe it had been included in the new NPM RC but couldn't find any release notes on NPM 12.2RC.


            I thought maybe release notes and/or installation instructions would be included in the package so I downloaded the RC and ran it to see what was extracted (at least that's how it used to work) and it just started running the installer.  I quickly canceled. 


            Why would SolarWinds archive all the available hotfixes before they have even put out release notes for the RC that replaces them? 


            The product upgrade advisor doesn't let me select NPM 12.2 RC2 and if I select my server in it, it says  "You have product(s) or version(s) that are not available on the Product Upgrade Advisor. For upgrade assistance we recommend you contact Technical Support."


            Smells a little fishy to me.

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              Wrote up a post here for you Let me know what you think of the upgrade experience! Release Candidate Upgrade Experience you're absolutely right though, NTA still has a separate process for upgrading the fastbit db server

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                  Serena, I upgraded my dev environment primary server to NPM 12.2 RC.

                  With the new installer all APE packages have to be downloaded from the primary server?

                  I have distributed polling engines, and I'm having issues with the package downloads completing before the timeout.

                  Is there a way to change the timeout setting, or download these files directly from the web?