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    Alert trigger second section not working


      hi Team,

      I am trying to work on alert trigger for nodes based on application component monitor types and not able to get this working. It works for first section where its got Nodes as scope of alert but in the 2nd section i have set the scope of alert to look at component monitoring type and specified the application name, component name and component status in different conditions and set it to All child conditions must be satified for both primary and secondary sections but it just works for primary section but simply ignores secondary section and i see no errors while specifying the secondary conditions.

      Also i can see list of objects which is specified in both primary and secondary sections conditions, that its going to look at as a target nodes on and target application /components but while alerting its just looking at primary section and raising it as a alert but not looking at 2nd section, where as if 2nd section is looked at the alert should be raised as part of my alert testing in my situation.


      so my question how do i tell this alerting to look at second section along with primary section.


      thx n advance