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    Alert - Time in current status


      Hi Thwack Community


      I have looked everywhere but cannot find a way of creating a variable in a trigger which basically queries time in current status.


      So what I want to say is status = down which is straight forward but also "and" current status is more than 15 minutes.


      We have a 24/7 on call service and a 3rd party system calls us when they receive and email which we trigger from this alert. Problem is we only want only 1 email to be generated even if many nodes trigger the alert. This part is quite easy and we use the following in advanced alerts set to 1 - "be triggered if more or equalless than  objects (at the same time) have met the specified condition and then trigger single alert".


      Now although this works it will not be triggered again until its reset ( Solarwinds say by design ) so what I want to do is,


      1 - trigger the alert then after 15 mins reset it

      2 - then if the node/s are still not back up again they wont trigger the alert as although down the down time will be longer than 15 mins. This way any new node outage will trigger the alert.


      Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe