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    Can FTP Voyager Copy from Local Drive Path (E:\my\path\) to UNC (\\remoteserver\fileshare\subfolder\)?


      I've found information stating that FTP Voyager supports UNC paths however when I try to enter a UNC as a remote path within any of the actions, it automatically changes the back slashes to forward slashes which breaks it.


      All I want to have happen is after a file is downloaded, a script is run that performs some file manipulation and then FTP Voyager copies files from the local drive to a UNC network location.


      If I put the UNC into the "local" folder, it doesn't automatically convert the direction of the slashes and actually works if copying from the FTP server to the UNC. If it copies *to* the UNC in the remote folder, then it fails.


      Is there a setting that I'm missing or does it just not support copying to a remote UNC path from a local path?


      The ideal workflow is:

      1) FTP from a linux FTP server to local E:\sub\folder\ which is a Window Server 2012 R2 server

      2) If files downloaded, run script with the processed files put in E:\sub\folder\out\

      3) Move Up from E:\sub\folder\out\ to \\remoteserver\fileshare\subfolder\  which is a Windows FIle Share on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server


      I have tried turning off UAC as well as changing the service account that the FTP Voyager service runs under; which I have verified has write permissions to the UNC path.


      Any help is appreciated!