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    Gather Wifi inventory information


        Hey guys,


      I'm trying to get inventory data from our wifi equipment, which we have managen in Solariwnds.

      I do find the thin APs serial numbers and exact models through the "NCM.EntityPhysical" table, where they are attached to the managing WLAN controller.

      I can also get data like their name and IP address through the "Orion.Wireless.AccessPoints.Thin" table, however I did not find any way to map those same entities with each other.


      Does anybody have an idea?




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          Hi Sebastian,


          We accomplish this by using UnDP (custom pollers) for both Aruba and Cisco. These custom pollers are assigned to the wireless controllers:




          wlanAPIpAddress (IP Address of the Access Point)

          wlanAPModelName (Model name of the Access Point.)

          wlanAPSerialNumber (Serial Number of the Access Point.)

          wlsxSysExtLicenseSerialNumber (The license serial number of the controller.)

          wlsxSysExtModelName (Model Name of the controller.)




          agentInventoryMachineModel (The switch's Machine Model.)

          agentInventoryProductVersion (Version of the product.)

          bsnApIpAddress (IP address of the AP. This will not be available when the swit...)

          bsnAPModel (AP Model)

          bsnAPSerialNumber (AP Serial Number.)


          Hopefully this helps.

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            Thanks, I will look into that!