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    AppInsight for IIS - HTTPS Bindings Issue

    martian monster

      I am looking for some insight or if someone could point me to some documentation to try to troubleshoot an HTTPS bindings issue I am having with the AppInsight for IIS.  I have two servers that are load balanced that I need to monitor the IIS sites on if they are started or stopped.  One of the servers is reporting everything fine with all of the HTTPS sites on the server but the other one only reporting 1 of the 3 up.  On the two sites that are not working correctly I get the error "The requested file was not found. The remote server returned an error: (404 not found).  So I found the article on how to go to edit thresholds and change the URL to one that I know works and answers and I change that and still it says its not up.  I wanted to ask here and hope to get this figured out or some things to try before I called SW support.  I have another IIS ticket with them open that they have yet to figure out.   Thanks!