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      We use JAMF to manage our iPads/iPhones


      We discovered a BIG problem this week and it was because of the Web Help Desk app.


      This is the message I received from JAMF. Please, please, please, when you come out with the new iOS app, do it correctly. Thank you.


      The product issue we ran into yesterday with auto updates on the apps became a JSS killer because of one app in particular.  The WHD or Web Help Desk Mobile app when installed shortens its name of the app into WHD.  The issue with this app is the app developer did not list a version number to associate with the short name.  Both the JSS and Apple have issues when the app developer doesn't give a version.  We have a product issue open on our side because our engineers had to open a ticket with Apple.  Staci asked me to have to contact the app developer as well as your Apple rep regarding this ticket.  She asked that you contact them to let them know how detrimental this is to an environment as well as to get it some attention.


      The Apple Radar ticket number to reference is 28699237