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    DameWare Server/Proxy issues


      I have the Dameware Centralized server and mobile gateway. I built a server entirely dedicated to this so the internet proxy is on the same server. I am having issues getting the Internet Session URL to work. I have a public IP and a Public DNS entry setup specifically for this. I have the ports open on my firewall and the Public IP Natted to the internal. I didnt change the ports, i left them as default.

      Everytime i try to set a URL in the configuration wizard, it errors in the test connection. I also get a dialogue box saying  "Some of the connection details are not configured properly. You will still need to change your settings to be able to use this functionality later." I have my host name (name of the server), the default ports, and the internet session URL in the form of: https://xx.domain.org/. I have tried adding the https port (443) at the end and a few different variations of that. Nothing works


      With all that said. I am able to use the mobile gateway. I can access the server from an android and apple device from outside the network and then connect to workstations in the network. I use the xx.domain.org that i have setup publicly to connect to the server and since i am able to do that, it seems like my Firewall is correctly forwarding traffic to my server and the correct ports are open.


      I am wondering what i am doing wrong? Do i need to install an SSL certificate on the server for it to work? I'm at a loss here and all Solar Winds support sent me was documentation that i have already read.


      Any Ideas?


      Thanks in advance

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          I was just looking around, with the same problem and find your post.


          I have a question for you.

          You mean that your internet proxy is working succesfully because you can create those remote conections over the internet through this proxy, right?


          The only problem that you have is the test that you make at the configuration wizard?