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    SQL: How to display "NULL" values


      Can anyone show me how to display a "NULL" value from the SQL Query below?


      I am trying to pivot some data on the details page and would for the "cpname" column to display "null" or blank if no data is entered.


      What I'm trying to do is create a pivot table that will consist of 20+ custom properties, and I want the user to see which ones are blank so that they can update it.


      Thanks much!



      cpName, cpValue




      convert(varchar(50), [APPCI_CODE]) as [GMDM App Code]

      ,convert(varchar(50), [APPCI_NAME]) as [GMDM App Name]

      ,convert(varchar(50), [APPCI_CBU]) as [CBU]


      FROM nodescustomproperties

      Where NodeID = ${NodeID}

      ) as ncp



      cpValue FOR cpname IN (

      [GMDM App Code]

      ,[GMDM App Name]




      ) as unpvt