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    Status & Response time


      How come Status & Response time is an option when you are using SNMP or Orion Agent but not when you're using WMI?


      If I have a server which is running SNMP or Orion Agent, and the agent goes missing, I won't get any alert if I set "Status & Response time"  to ICMP (Ping) - Fastest"...so obviously, I'd want to set it to "SNMP" or "Status & Response Time Agent".  That way, if the server suddenly spikes CPU and hangs...and the agent suffocates...I can at least know that SOMETHING is up. So the default is to have Status & Response time set based on the agent.


      Or so I have learned.


      But what happens in the above scenario if the CPU spikes and hangs, and the box is being polled using WMI?  What alert is set off when the box cannot be polled using WMI?


      What happens when the Performance Counters, for whatever reason, stop producing counts?  If I'm polling using WMI, how do I know 1) If metrics are still being polled 2) if the system is up or down?