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    Rollback patching




      I have an SCCM environment and have integrated Solarwinds for patching. I push the patch into SCCM and SCCM does the rest. However, that comes with a drawback. If I want to plan for a rollback the only option I've got is to run it from SCCM, which means creating a scripting package to completely uninstall the application (patched with solarwinds), re-install the SCCM base install (not patched) and then apply the latest stable patch from solarwinds.


      Has anyone faced this same problem? Can you provide details as to how you planned for the uninstallation script, assuming it is all MSI based? As it depends on the GUID to run an msiexec /x uninstallation command, then I need to rewrite the script with every new GUID coming from each patch package from Solarwinds.


      Any ideas greatly appreciated!