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    Update Errors Windows Server 2016




      Today we created multiple new virtual Servers with Windows Server 2016. But they doesn't show up in WSUS console. This WSUS is also on server 2016.

      - One Server showed up in console (and was moved in correct wsus group) only once but it's wuauclt stated Errors 0x80072EFD and 0x80240438. In eventviewer between the errors Informational events are logged: successful: "0 updates were found" - but this is simply wrong because this server isn't up to date. A rename of SoftwareDistribution folder and /resetauthorization were no Solutions.


      - Other new installed Servers loaded and installed updates from this wsus (configured in GPO) but doesn't Show up in the WSUS console. They have no Internet Connection. The Updates only could be downloaded from this wsus.


      What can I do?


      - I can open and show the IIS Default Website of the IIS on the WSUS.

      - 4 Win10 Clients are already connected to the wsus and are updating well.

      - The WSUS itself (Client component) updates from itself well too.