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    DNSstuff orphaned?


      Well, judging from IP lookups from the site, and other issues raised here
      it looks like DNSstuff is not longer being supported.

      If anyone from SW is listening, pull the site down since it's non-functionality
      is tarnishing your brand.

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          I first thought, there is a problem, and it will be solved shortly. The problem continues. (WHOIS does not work any more, DNSReport does not work any more, ...). And, here is no information.

          Like hmarch says, SolarWinds better put up a banner, saying that the "professional toolset" is discontinued.

          I used to pay for this service, and prefer to do so for getting a good service. Since it's free, I can't complain.


          Now the looking-forward question is: What alternative similar solution are you people using?

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            Updates on DNSStuff have definitely been lacking as we focused on some significant product releases and a complete SolarWinds website and brand relaunch. We are connecting with the product/web teams to put together a roadmap to address issues on DNSStuff.com, however, and would love to get your input/advice for the future of DNSStuff. I will also ping the team on this issue specifically to see what can be done in the short term to minimize issues like this.