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    NPM Licensing


      Hi, New guy here. I'm researching for a new network monitoring solution and I happen to come across solarwinds. My main concern right now is regarding the licensing mechanics for this product.

      From what I've read, solarwinds is selling NPM in terms of package and gives you "X" numbers of monitors for every category of elements ( Nodes, Interface and Virtual Drives)

      For me this info makes the licensing mechanics more confusing on certain situations, but I think experts and people with experience in using NPM might be able to clarify my understanding.

      here are my questions:
      1. supposed I want to monitor a 48-port Switch. I understand that this action will consume 1 license under NODE, what happens if I don't allocate INTERFACE license to any or some of its ports? can I still view the status (up/down) of the ports on node page or will all the unlicensed ports be totally invisible to me? (if its possible, I wish to see a screen-cap of the switch's node page with this scenario)

      2. how does a stacked switch consumes a NODE license? is it just one per stack or per members? how does this also applies for VSS configurations?


      3. Also, how do I license a Port-channel?


      4. can I transfer/re-allocate my licenses to other elements?

      Thanks In advance
      Any help/assistance would be very much appreciated