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    Dameware 12.0.4 - GPO Installer does not deploy customized options



        I have recently deployed a customized dameware mini rc service MSI via GPO into my windows network. I am having trouble with it though. The client installs and all seems well, but it is not keeping any of my customization to the service. Things like: Allow multiple administrators to all have control, proprietary username/password, no notifications, etc. are not being deployed with the MSI. HOWEVER, if I manually install the MSI that the GPO is calling then all of the appropriate customization are being installed.


      All of our servers are running Windows Server 2012 and the end-users are on everything from Windows XP to Windows 10. The customized features are not being installed on any of the Operating systems.

      Any suggestions?

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          Hey Varriola,


          Seems like some rather strange behaviour - support should be able to help you with what the actual reason behind that happening is.


          Off the top of my hat the first solution I could think of is to push out the regular agent via GPO and then push out the agents registry keys which actually include all of the options you set during configuration.

          You can find those in your DW root directory, the file that stores them is called DWRCS.reg and looks something like this:



          [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DameWare Development\Agent Configuration\Mini Remote Control Service]



          [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DameWare Development\Agent Configuration\Mini Remote Control Service\IP Filter]

          "Enable Filter For Remote Control"=dword:00000000

          "Access Granted"=dword:00000001



          [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DameWare Development\Agent Configuration\Mini Remote Control Service\Settings]

          "Force Direct Connection"=dword:00000000

          "Remote Connection Availability"=dword:00000001


          "Notify On New Connection"=dword:00000001

          "Notify On New Connection Timeout Value"=dword:0000000f

          "Notify On Disconnection"=dword:00000000

          "No Notify Sound"=dword:00000000

          "Notify Dialog Caption"="DameWare Mini Remote Control"

          "Notify Dialog Text 1"="MRC Notification"

          "Notify Dialog Text 2 Remote Control"="MRC Notification"

          "Permission Required"=dword:00000000

          "Permission Required Also When Locked"=dword:00000001

          "Center Permission Dialog"=dword:00000000

          "Permission Dialog Set Focus On Decline Button"=dword:00000000



          While this isn't exactly a solution it might be a workaround worth considering.


          Best Regards,