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    Oracle client bits and PDF Obsolete guide   Case #1202804


      So - I got this case open and it appears that  Support just likes to update the case once a day with an email.   Don't know whats going on over there, maybe coffee may work.


      Here's my dilemma -


      I want to set up the Oracle Monitors in Solarwinds SAM 6.4,  I ask for guidance from Support, they sent me a guide that supports 11g client download and install.  


      I log on to the oracle website its only displaying 12c.   So ask support to send me an updated version,  says he may get in contact with the developers.


      I asked the support guy to escalate the case - his reply:

      I'll advise them that our documentation is not current.  Apologies for the gap.  From looking at the guide again - the Oracle version references is see appear to be simple screen captures with the Oracle version that was current at the time it was written - it may not have changed much- are you getting specific errors when trying to apply a SAM monitor?


      So I am trying to comprehend , I got an obsolete guide and and he thinks I am going to install it any ways..... Really!


      Can anybody help me hear ?