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    Node or device from different time zone


      Hey friends,

      I have an important question that might save my life (just kidding):

      I have configured on my solarwinds site local time only and I would like to add on my reports times from different countries showing their node local time

      AND I need to add on my reports off hrs and biz hours

      How do I do it PLEASE?

      Thanks in advancce to all of you that might help me/ save me

        • Re: Node or device from different time zone

          Hi there's an outstanding feature request for this, but unfortunately, it's still outstanding

          There are going to be a few steps for this

          1. Create a Custom Property for nodes. Against each node enter a time offset.  It might be easiest to set the system time to GMT to simplify the offset.

          2. Create a report that adds or subtracts the offset and then uses only the 9 to 5 hours to calculate business hours uptime and the like.

          3.On the Node Details view, edit the widget Custom Properties for Nodes to include your new time offset Custom Property or

          you might want to create a new widget in the Node Details view which is a report and do the calculation within the report so that the current local time is shown.

          You can use the SolarWinds report tools and you can embed SQL queries, or the simpler SolarWinds SWQL, into them if needed.

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