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    Auto-Deploying WMI Client Components


      Guys, I wish to deploy the WMI client components (not the agent!) automatically. Can PM do this or can I grab the binaries and use a 3rd part SDT (Software Deployment Tool) ? I have been tinkering with the wmiproviders_2.1.4.5034.exe file and runnning:


      • wmiproviders_2.1.4.5034.exe /s


      this seems to work but I'd like to document it and be sure I know exactly what it's deploying and what command line options are available.

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          Patch Manager will automatically provision the WMI Client Components by default, but if you've turned it off for your environment you can check and re-enable that feature with the instructions here:


          Automatically provision WMI Providers using Patch Manager - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


          Alternatively you could publish the client components as a Third Party Update to WSUS and if it's approved and your client machines check for updates from WSUS they will download and install the Client Components.

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              Thanks for the reply. Using WSUS with the agents as a 3rp party approved update is definitely one way! Never though of that but it is documented so shame on me for not reading the documentation more carefully. Just to clarify though the 1st method you mention, this is not fully automated though is it? The UI states


              So it won't actively go and simply push the agent to all systems in its WSUS computer inventory. It will only do that it it needs to do it. I'd like to get them all on ASAP using a 3rp party tool.

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                  So if you do a Task in Patch Manager (like a "regular" hardware/software Inventory Task, or an Update Management task to deploy updates, for example), if that setting ("Automatically provision...") is turned on the WMI Providers will be deployed to the targeted machines because it was required by that task.


                  A WSUS Inventory task, however, is only pulling data directly from the targeted WSUS server, so a WSUS Inventory task will not trigger deployment of that WMI Provider to other machines.