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    SQL Server DBA


      Hi all,

      would like to know if we can browse sql server error logs from DPA?

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          There is an alert that can send you notification based on a search string.

          Go into alerts, manage alerts tab, Administrative category, in dropdown, look for SQL Server Error Log Alert.

          You can select any instances you want plus the search string you want to be notified on.

          Fairly self-explanatory setting up the alert, but reply back if you have additional questions when setting it up.

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              Thanks for your response. We have Idera SQL DM tool to monitor SQL servers and  users can look at sql error logs if they are granted access to SQL DM. I wonder if DPA also has this ability. I have a request to provide a group of windows users the ability to browse one of a production sql server error logs from SSMS. this SQL server is monitored by DPA.  Thanks.