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    Any way to tie sample intervals of charts to polling interval of node?


      I have a customization challenge that I don't think Solarwinds is able to handle at this time - at least not easily.


      The nodes in my network are divided into "Tiers" as far as how often they are polled.The lower the Tier, the less often the nodes (and the interfaces and volumes on that node) are polled. Ta my lowest Tier, volumes will be polled every 2 hours, rather than every 15 minutes.


      The problem this presents is that the default chart resources on the various Details views will have a Sample Interval that is too small relative to the custom polling interval for the node, interface or volume.


      My questions is this, is there any way to customize the view resources so that they are dynamically tied to the polling interval? Doing this would prevent "gaps" in data, and the user would not have to constantly adjust the chart settings every time the page refreshes or the user changes to another details page. It looks like this could be accomplished at the Node level by assigning a custom view that would already have all of the charts adjusted to match that node's polling intervals. But, this is option is not available for interfaces and volumes.


      Am I missing an obvious solution, or is this something that cannot currently be done with SolarWinds?