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    SMI-S Provider for Dell PowerVault MDXX


      Is someone able to help me adding Dell PowerVault MD3200, MD3220i and MD3400 to SRM? We had to update the RAID controller firmware on our MD3400s to v08.35 and now the Dell SMI-S provider won't add the MD3400 arrays to the CimServer using the command line. It fails with an AddArray exception code 4.


      The CimServer I have installed is from a file called DELL_Array-WS32-10.32.0G06.0002.zip.


      On experimentation, I have been able to get everything working using the latest NetApp E-Series SMI-S provider from this page. You might notice on this page for the latest version of the provider it says:


      Release 10.34.0G00.0008 is an SMI-S 1.6.1 Provider update release.

      The highest firmware level supported for this release is 8.25.


      The problem with this is that it is based around NetApp Santricity. The external array name is /root/netapp/santricity. You need to select NetApp E-Series when adding the array to SRM even though it is a Dell PowerVault and it gets listed as a NetApp device by SRM too. Frankly, I am amazed it works at all, but it does...


      So I guess my question is where is the Dell equivalent SMI-S provider that used 10.34 and SMI-S 1.6.1?


      I have been unable to find anything on the Dell site or the web in general.


      Any assistance greatly appreciated.