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    Filtering template components to specific nodes


      I have an application that has 10 Windows services. I created a template and added those services as individual components in the template and assigned the template to three Windows servers. I then created an alert that alerts on application, and checks if the application status is down. If it is, it raises an alert. Standard stuff.


      However, not all of those servers/nodes have all the services running or present on the server. Server A has only two services (which are running) and all others are not present on this server. Server B has all 10 services, 8 services running and 2 are disabled, and Server C has 6 services running, 2 disabled and 2 are not present on the server.


      The application is in the Down status on all three servers. I would expect at least the app on Server A to be up since the two services present are up and it has no other services. I thought the monitor wouldn't evaluate the status against non-existing and disabled services, but apparently it does.


      So, I guess the question is, is there a way to have a single template assigned to all three servers (after all, it is a single application), but be able to only assign specific components in the template to a specific server that has those components (services)? I'm trying to avoid having to create three different templates and assign them to a single server since many components are overlapping.