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    Access information


      Anyone know how to get report containing LoginID, databases accessed, host server for a given instance(s),

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          Caveat - we are not an auditing tool and will not capture everything. We do sampling, so can exclude/miss inactive connections/very fast and infrequently running SQL.

          However, this may get you close. Let me know how it goes.

          Run this against the repository. You can pretty it up, use a cursor or TSQL to wrap some additional logic around this...


          select id, name, conn_host from cond -- this will provide you with a list of monitored instances and the host we're connecting to


          select distinct db.name db , u.name dbuser

          from cono_<id from first query> db, conu_<id from first query> u, consw_<id from first query> sw

          where u.id = sw.xcuw

          and db.id = sw.ixoy

          order by 1

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