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    Solarwinds Review


      I work on the engineering team for an IaaS/DRaaS company. We have several hundred customers hosting their infrastructure and disaster recovery solutions with us. We have 9,000+ elements in our Solarwinds environment at this time, and add new elements daily. We use NPM, NCM, and SAM in our environment to help monitor our nodes, backup our network configurations, and monitor our applications. When searching for a solution, our main goal was to make sure that we had eyes on every single element of our environment, whether it be our core routers or a customer's firewall. Every aspect of the environment is important to us, so being able to monitor them and tie intelligent alerts to each device was critical for us. We looked at several other monitoring solutions like Nagios and PRTG, but Solarwinds was the complete package for us because of the massive amount of features and the ability to handle our large environment. It scales well for us and is very responsive despite the steadily increasing amount of elements that we're monitoring. Our environment is broken down by location, which helps us to easily spot problem areas, figure out which part of the stack is having an issue, and resolve those issues thanks to the different monitoring techniques that Solarwinds offers. We monitor general response time on all of our nodes, but are also able to drill down by application so we can tell when critical email server applications have failed or if a backup server is expected to hit its maximum capacity. The level of detail in the monitoring provided by the suite of Solarwinds products is critical to our organization and we wouldn't be able to achieve such a high level of monitoring without them.