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    Exclude a Component Monitor from Alert


      I have a generic alert for a Component's status. I have now created a custom Windows PowerShell Script monitor with a custom script and have attached to nodes. Is it possible to exclude this monitor from alerts? I know we can create a custom alert and include a condition to exclude the monitor, but is there a way at the monitor level to node trigger alerts for this component?

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          I would say - no, there isn't. I for example use a special custom property called "mute" (yes/no). By default it is set to "no". Next, simply include this custom property check into every alert that you have. Then - you can control this at the object level, be it node, volume, application, interface, group.


          HOWEVER ...  there are no custom properties on a component level. I think we have a feature request somewhere to add them. In this case you can either control this on application level OR, what I do - have a special keyword that you stick in description of every component that you want to mute. For example keyword can be "mutted_component". Then, in your alert logic simple define another condition which will check for this keyword and if it is there - do not trigger alert

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