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    DPA support for Analysis Services


      Hi folks,


      I'm not entirely sure what DPA can and cannot do, we are using it right now to monitor the performance of our SQL engine that our applications read/write data from, however we are starting to work with Analysis Services now. So my question to the community is, how can I monitor performance of our SQL Server Analysis Services (ie. mdx queries)? Can I use DPA to do this?




      Michael Murray

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          Michael, currently DPA does not support monitoring SSAS. There's a different architecture in play (cubes) that we haven't tackled yet.

          If the underlying data for the cubes is coming from a SQL Server database, we can monitor that, but I'm guessing you'd like specific information more related to the SSAS engine...

          What kind of data would you like to see about SSAS?

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              Hi Mandevil,


              At this point I would like to know, similar to how DPA works with regular engine queries... what's performing poorly. I don't really know enough about SSAS to comment as we are just starting to get into using it. However, we will have a warehouse that is populated frequently and cubes being rebuilt/updated frequently on same virtual machine. When running reports against the warehouse and cube, I would like to know why they are running slow.


              Hope this answers your question about what kind of data would I like to see about SSAS?