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    Add polling of NIC, Asset Inventory, and Windows Scheduled Tasks to new WMI node



      We are currently customizing the CRUD.AddWMINode.ps1 sample script from GitHub to add Windows nodes to Orion. We have been able to add most of the components using the script; however, we do not know how to add polling of the NIC, Asset Inventory, and Windows Scheduled Tasks using the script. Please see the image below for what we are trying to add using the PowerShell script:



      Thank you for the help!

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          Ad NIC:

          For SNMP you can set up interface polling leveraging script https://github.com/solarwinds/OrionSDK/blob/master/Samples/PowerShell/CRUD.AddInterface.ps1.

          Important part is after line 28 - registering specific pollers for interfaces.



          If you use WMI polling, you need to setup following poller types instead:






          and use NetObjectPrefix IW instead of I:



          $poller = @{

              NetObject = "IW:" + $ifaceProps["InterfaceID"];

              NetObjectType = "IW";

              NetObjectID = $ifaceProps["InterfaceID"];





          $pollerUri = New-SwisObject $swis -EntityType "Orion.Pollers" -Properties $poller



          Ad Asset Inventory:

          Unfortunately seems like adding Asset Inventory polling using SDK API is not supported.

          You can add poller type N.AssetInventory.Wmi.Generic for given node but Orion expects entry

          in [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[AssetInventory_Polling] table and this entry cannot be created using SDK API.



          Ad Windows Scheduled Tasks:

          You can add polling of win tasks using verb Orion.APM.Application.CreateApplication.


          Example script to enable polling:

          Invoke-SwisVerb $swis "Orion.APM.Application" "CreateApplication" @(

               # node ID, replace with specific node ID



               # fixed value, template ID for windows schedules tasks



               # fixed value, default credentials



               # skipIfDuplicate flag




          As fixed values may change in the future please be careful and test the script before upgrades.

          Specific template ID for windows tasks polling can be resolved by query

          SELECT ApplicationTemplateID, Name, IsMockTemplate, Created, LastModified, ViewID, HasImportedView, ViewXml, CustomApplicationType, UniqueId

          FROM Orion.APM.ApplicationTemplate

          where Name like 'Windows Scheduled Tasks'