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    how to display stats on linux server with agent installed?


      We are a mostly windows shop , but we have one Linux server that shows up as a node, however it only does icmp monitoring and only gets pings monitored.

      So we installed an agent on a test Centos box- it simply showed up in solar winds and started reporting on cpu, memory, disk volumes, etc.

      Cool, so next we installed the agent on the Linux server.  The Linux server now shows up under "agents" but nothing is being reported for it for cpu, ram, disk volumes, etc.


      Under "manage agents" it looks like I can select this server and click "manage as node".  What does that do?

      I tried going under "manage nodes" and tried changing polling method from ICMP to windows/Linux agent, but it gives me a dialog stating "the agent is installed on this server, but additional plug ins are needed."


      Help please.  I've been trying to find out how to get something other than just ping info on this server, without breaking it   I don't know which options to set, which plugins to install (or how to install them).  I've been trying to research this and figured out how to get the agent downloaded and installed, but now I'm stuck.

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          “Manage as node” will add your Linux machine to the list of machines monitored by Orion. I suggest to do it. If this machine is already monitored (by ICMP), you can unmanage it.


          Agent plugins will be uploaded to the monitored machine automatically. You can check their status on “Manage Agents” page.


          If values are still not polled, you can run “List Resources” on this node.