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    Auto ticket creation in WHD from phone call


      Is the above possible? Or will it be in a future release? I know that WHD tickets can be created from an email, the WHD console, or imported.

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          fluffy midnight



          This is not currently possible without programming it yourself using the API, here's the guide: Web Help Desk REST API Guide


          Personally I've not heard anything about this being implemented however it is worth submitting this as a feature request.

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            Actually we've been able to set this up. Granted, our voicemail already populates into our email.  We currently use Skype for Business (Lync).  Since voicemails go into our inbox, we point the Response Group to send the unanswered call to our Help Desk email account.  This is also the same account that is pulled into WHD.  Since we have everyone's cell and desk phone listed in AD, it actually knows who is calling.  The ticket is auto created with the voicemail as an attachment in the ticket.  It works quite well.  We had only one issue with it.  Any phone that is considered a common area phone, the message is deleted and not sent into WHD.  We fixed this by eliminating all common area phones and changing them to full blown Lync users.  Since there were only a handful, this wasn't too much trouble.  Another small issue is when someone calls in with an outside number like a personal residence.  We have to change who the client is as WHD will create a new client with the name of the phone number.  Most of the time we can figure out who it is by the voice message.  Since this happens rarely, it hasn't been much of a problem.