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    Custom Universal Device Poller - Name with Spaces?


      Hello everyone!


      First time poster and new SolarWinds convert here.


      I am evaluating the product and have made a custom Universal Device Poller to retrieve the amount of available storage on a QNAP NAS device. The Poller name is VolumeFreeSizeGb. When you see this in the node overview I have a nice title for the poller, and a sub title, but the value below the radial gauge is "VolumeFreeSizeGb" which looks rubbish. I want to put spaces in the name under the gauge so that it says "Space Capacity" or even "Volume Free Size Gb", however from within the Universal Device Poller wizard (where the name is defined) it is not possible to put spaces in the name.


      I see that for the default (pre loaded) pollers this is possible (e.g. Avg CPU Load, Avg Response Time) so it is possible within the application somewhere. Can anyone help me correct whatever I am doing wrong please?