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    SolarWinds Syslog Service says stopping but never stops


      I recently noticed that our SolarWinds Syslog Service says it is stopping but unfortunately it never stops (or doesn't appear to).  I can't restart the service because both Start and Stop are grayed out so I actually kill the task using taskkill in and CMD prompt.  If I kill the task from a CMD prompt and then attempt to Start the service, it will start and then immediately return to the Stopping state and just sits there again.


      Has anyone else experienced this?  What may be the cause and how do I resolve it?


      Additionally, I've also noticed that the SolarWinds Trap Service (which is set to Automatic) is not running, and when I attempt to start it then it immediately stops again.


      What issues might these be creating in my SolarWinds Patch Manager (the only SolarWinds application I am running on this server, along with the Orion module).