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    Juniper SFP Power Level monitoring


      I found that NPM will report on Cisco SFP modules, but have not found a way for it to monitor Junipers.  For Cisco it shows under Power Supply.  Recently we had low circuit levels, which appears to have triggered a fault on the line card itself.



      Jul 12 13:48:36 fpc1 CMIC(1/3) link 0 SFP receive power low  alarm cleared

      Jul 12 13:48:36 fpc1 CMIC(1/3) link 0 SFP receive power low  warning cleared



      Is there a way for NPM to trigger alerts from these?

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          Looks doable based on https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos12.3/topics/topic-map/mib-dom.html


          Per the above link, you should be able to poll or trap useful information.  Documentation or a MIBwalk should get you OIDs to match.


          One or more of these are likely what you will want to monitor:


          domRxLaserPowerLowAlarm(4)—Low input laser power



          domTxLaserBiasCurrentLowAlarm(6)—Low output laser bias current



          domTxLaserOutputPowerLowAlarm(8)—Low output laser power



          domRxLaserPowerLowWarning(1)—Low input laser power



          domTxLaserBiasCurrentLowWarning(3)—Low output laser bias current



          domTxLaserOutputPowerLowWarning(5)—Low output laser power

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            reporting is very spotty using the MIB d09h mentioned


            I don't get reports on 1G, 40G, or 100G interfaces on MX series

            I don't reports on ex series switches

            I do get reports on 10G and 40G on QFX series


            This is somewhat annoying, even more so since we have a truck loads of ex2200 switches and Juniper are pulling back from any release after 12.3 for that platform, so even if they fix that not for any release we get.


            The alternative way is to use a script off the SNMP agent on the switch, but that is iglier since it doesn't relate to the ifMIB :-|


            if you can use the MIB the the only meaningful value is really jnxDomCurrentRxLaserPower -- which is the current received power (the other values are the read-only alarm thresholds from the SFP module itself and not much use from what i can tell.