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    Action Links in WHD emails




      I am probably missing something simple. Is there a way to have all the links in the notification emails sent to techs and clients (eg, add note, open, close. etc) link back to the portal, instead of the link creating an email?



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          Not sure if this is possible.  However as long as the generated email is sent to an imported mailbox, it will update the ticket.  You do have to have your WHD set to import messages. 

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            E-Mails from WHD will create new E-Mail which go back to WHD. You could add a link in the E-Mail Template to encourage your users to login via the Client UI with that address

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              fluffy midnight

              Hello, this isn't possible however I have listed the Subject-specific commands you can use here to interact with the help desk:


              Action: Tech update - Adding notes

              Hidden: Yes or No for client visibility

              Status: Open, close, pending etc.

              Email Client: if you want the clients to receive the email

              Reassign: Reassign to another tech

              Minutes worked: place minutes worked

              Billing rate: make changes to the billing rate.



              On top of this, you can use the items below as a guide:



              Action:Cancel - client ticket cancellation

              Action:Update - client add note

              Action:ConfirmResolution - client confirmation

              Action:RejectResolution - client confirmation



              Action:ApproveTicket - tech approval process

              Action:DenyTicket - tech approval process

              Action:TechUpdate - tech update

              Action:TechDelete - tech delete ticket


              (for those who know these already, if you know some I've missed off the list then please let me know)