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    Switch faied to connect (10061)




      I have only recently started a new position and am new to Kiwi Cat tools which this organisation uses, (Used Solar Winds before)


      Any help or assistance would be greatfully appreciated. 


      Just installed a new Cisco 3650 switch and Cisco 4331 Router at a new site and trying to configure Kiwi to back this up.


      Keep getting the error 'failed to connect to x.x,x,x Reason (10061) The requested connection has been refused by the remote host on the switch, router works fine and backs up on Kiwi.


      I have checked the config on the 3650 switch and it has the same log in details as the 4331 router at the site that is working on Kiwi


      The Kiwi version that I am using is VER 3.11.2 Enterprise


      The switch version is 03.06.04.E


      I have also been asked to look at and resolve all the back up errors or Kiwi, Is there a downloadable Kiwi pdf that someone can post a link to and also a list of error codes


      Thank you in advance.